Game in Review: Bastion 5e vol. 1

Since the subtitle of this blog reads “and occasional actual play” I figured I should eventually make good on that claim. As with everything here, we’ll tinker with the format till it feels right.

A little backstory on the campaign in-progress.

Just about every Tuesday night, for the better part of the last 10 months, I’ve been GMing a D&D 5e game on Roll20. The campaign originated a few months before then but early on the group experienced some player turnover; more so than I was accustomed to, even for online play. Fast forward a few weeks and we held on to a couple of the more suborn original players and landed two new faces and – it clicked.

To try and cover 30 some odd sessions of back would be folly. Rather, I’ll provide context as needed for things that occurred outside of the scope of this A.P. For everything else, you’re all smart lads and lasses, use context clues. Better yet, ask questions!

New Cult, Same as the Old Cult

Dramatis Personæ

Bree – Human Tempest Cleric of Umberlee – lvl 6 – played by J.D.
Edelbert – Gnome Arcane Trickster Rogue – level 5 – played by David (absent)
Geir – Human Hunter Ranger – level 5 – played by Tim
Hugo – Human Illusionist Wizard – level 6 – played by Roger

The party continued their descent, deeper under the mountain in search of the source of the valuable Godstone; a mythical material that held the potential to hinder a fiend of pure umbra that had been unbound and now roamed the region. Down the ladder in the dark, avoiding a lurking drider, across the dully illuminated subterranean sea and towards the city on the far shore – home to the tiny cave dwelling creatures they first saw many layers above, tending to the mushroom groves in a recently defaced temple. The party entered the city of the almost gnome-sized, pallid skinned cave creatures with large saucer eyes, long twitching ears and too-wide lipless grins full of rows of thick flat molars. the Keel.

Standing in the sprawling city of tiny curved roof buildings, stacked and bunched together like honeycombs, built no higher than a man’s waist; one structure rises above the rest, a building two or three stories tall and clinging to a rocky column of shimmering gemstone. This building, unlike the rest, is finished in florid alien finishes and accents. Nothing more out of place than the man-sized statue standing defiantly in the small plaza in front of this building of importance. The cold stone statue, one of a unfeeling squid-like face, the visage of a stoic illithid looms amidst this half-sized town of timid cave creatures.

Upon seeing this seemingly out of place illithid statue, Bree is met with a flooding vision. Now staring up through the rippling surface of a pool, staring out into a distant but familiar place – a garden set adrift in the astral sea. Leaning over the surface of the pool, staring back at Bree, a featureless porcelain white mask, a cascade of writhing tentacles wriggle from the bottom of the mask and pouring over many layers of voluminous brocade robes. Saluvesk, the Waiting. The illithid watcher who had once before pulled a near death Bree through the ether to its side for questions that stretched across time. “The lady,” rasps the rattling voice, “has returned.”

While Bree deals with this sudden mental intrusion, Geir does his best to keep aware of their present situation. Standing in the middle of this the small buildings, he notes the many onlookers watching the group from afar. The Keel appear curious but shy, if not frightful. All but for the three Keel who’ve appeared on the steps of the tallest building, just beyond the statue. The two flanking creatures, each brandishing pointed spears not much bigger than a freshly sharpened pencil. The one in the middle, head lolling from left to right, its eyes stripped of their sight. In their place, two large orbs of glowing gemstone are set deep in the orbital sockets of the Keel . Stones that glowed with the pale illumination of Godstone. The three defiant creatures crossed the courtyard and approached the party.

Seeing Bree’s distress, Hugo attempts to steel his mind and assist in her
parlay with the illithid. In opening himself up to this shared experience with Bree, while maintaining control over his mind palace. The intrusion proved too great and Hugo let slip a thought – a secret – that quickly siphons to the waiting mind flayer. Hugo’s intentions to seek the wisdom of the keepers at the Abby of St. Clewed is now gone to the mind flayer. The secret sect of information seeking zealots, in their remote facility, may now be faced with a new intrusion – hungry for knowledge.

With Bree and Hugo engaged with the cryptic Saluvek, the stone-eyed Keel affixed his sightless gaze onto Geir. With a series of questioning indecipherable sounds, the Keel grew impatient with the ranger’s lack of response. Then the stone-eyed one reached into the mouth of one of its guards and fished out a smooth, rounded pebble and motioned for Geir to put into his mouth – which he did. As his mouth and tongue numbed, Geir found himself capable of communicating with the Keel. The Keel with gems for eyes, Beel, the Void Star, demands Geir explain their arrival.

Bree’s vision had begun to ablate and tear at the corners as the trio of Keel approached the party. Bree and Hugo pressed Saluvesk for understanding, what was its connection to this place and creatures. As the press of the present pushed against Bree’s mind and the window the Saluvesk’s garden washed away, the final raspy words of “legacy — Duvan’Ku — a ‘mountain of time'” rung out. Those same cryptic words that Bree had heard once before from this being, crept through her mind once again.

The vision ended, Bree and Hugo return to the coherency of now to find Geir with a rock in his mouth, talking to one of these Keel, with dozens more curiously watching them from every corner of the city.

The party tried to convince Beel, the Void Star, of their benign intentions for arriving in their city, seeing the precious material. Explaining they were send here by a ‘bad man’ by the name of Salip Teel, a smoke genesi who they had crossed paths, and swords with, back in the city of Breton. It was Salip who had pointed Geir to the mine-shaft, far above this place, to begin with. Hugo threatened that without their help the mining machines that had been set to work far above would one day ruin this place too.

In an attempt to broker truce, Geir offered Beel a hunk of jade gemstone that he had long ago harvested off a strange basilisk. Scooping up the stone, Beel inspected it and promptly wrenched out the ball of godtsone from its right eye and inserted the jade. “Ack!” exclaimed Beel, “no good.” and just as quickly the jade was pulled out and cast to the ground.

Looking to avoid another misstep, the party made sure their next offering was done with a little more pomp and circumstance. Bree put forth a red fist sized oblong stone, warm to the touch. The fiery stone, the heart harvested from a Fire Badger that the party discovered nesting under the Summer Stone, an ancient lay-line marker, months back. With the magical stone in hand Bree imbued the offering with Light.

Laying the warm stone, radiating with light, on the ground Geir encircled it with silver thread and cast an Alarm spell upon the area – an alarm to only be triggered by Beel.

With their offering laid out, they launched into a speech about the chosen children of the earth, really laying it on thick, before finally casting a knowing finger at a random Keel onlooker in the audience. “This is your chosen one! Come forth and take this gift!” The gasps and whispers from the crowed, “Egg. Not Egg. Why Egg?” The little creature, Egg, looked in abject horror as all eyes fell on him. Beel, the Void Star launched into a tirade.

With a self-righteousness, Beel went to snatch up the red glowing stone he assumed was rightfully his. Geir’s shrill alarm pierced the darkness of the cavern and sent the little angry creature stumbling back. The guards levied their tiny spears at the group. But the Keel onlookers erupted with shouts of “Egg! Egg Red Stone!” and the terrified little creature that the party had anointed was thrust forward by the masses and made to take the hot red stone in his spindly hands.

The party looked on with confusion as this tiny creature scooped out his own eye and reluctantly pushed the warm red mass into the weeping socket left behind. “It burns!” exclaimed the poor creature, “I see the veins, the veins of the earth. They are aflame.”

Egg Red Stone had been venerated by the dubious deed’s of the group. The rabid crowd cheered their new leader. Beel and his retinue angrily retreated to their sanctum in the large tower near the Illithid statue. Seeing a need to rest, Hugo cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut on the steps of Beel’s sanctum, blocking the entryway. The group invited Egg into the hut to rest until he was read to face his public.

As the outsiders and Egg rested in the strange glowing bubble at the steps of the sanctuary, the citizens of this town began camping outside the hut. Pilgrims awaiting word from their prophet.

While resting in the hut, the group learned from Egg that this sort of abrupt change in spiritual leaderships was nothing new for the Keel. Beel had usurped Glip, the Whispered Mind, who had himself usurped another before that and so on. Beel’s downfall was inevitable but never so soon and never would it have been Egg, of all Keel to take the mantle.

After setting Egg to rest for a bit, the party discussed their intentions. Hugo, always seeking an opportunity, saw their backing of the new leader as a way to leverage the Keel to mine godstone for them in the future.

Their machination were cut short when they caught sight of a flash of motion on the edge of the light, through the camps around the hut, snatching up Keel by the bunch — the drider hunters had returned.

Lured to the city by the boisterous display the group made appointing Egg as the new leader, the driders were set on taking advantage of the unguarded spoils. Panic beset the many Keel outside the hut. They rushed the steps towards the sanitarium but even as Hugo dropped the effects of the Hut, the masses found the doors to the building barred and locked. Beel and his guard watched from a balcony above, grimly passing judgement on those who were not loyal in their faith. The Keel were exposed.

Hugo raced out across between the narrow buildings, dancing lights darting about, casting golden light into the darkness — until he spotted the abomination. Long crooked arachnid legs supporting a heavy rounded black abdomen covered in tiny hairs. Erupting from the abdomen, in place of a thorax, the lean narrowed fame of a man with ash grey skin. A twisted and hateful face with strange angular features. Peering out from beyond its shoulder, the awful bend of a black longbow. In one hand, a cruel sword. Its other hand splayed out flat, with tiny motes of magical energy dancing in its palm.

Set in between the small buildings, both Hugo and the monster appeared as titans posed for battle.

Quick to act, Hugo flicked his hand and muttered a word of magic. The drider protested and twisted and then began to lift off the ground. Suspended 20 feet in the air, Hugo’s Levitation had worked.

The drider took the crooked bow from its back and sunk shots into the wizard – but Hugo kept focus on his spell.

Geir began hailing the creature with arrows as Bree charged forth with her hammer-axe. With a bounding leap, and a thought to her magical shoes, Bree took flight and met the suspended drinder in free-space. The two exchanged cuts and blows as arrows and bolts of magic rained down.

The Keel continued to frantically try to gain entrance to the sanctuary but Beel’s contingent kept the doors firm. As the battle continued, other hunters flashed from the shadows, snatching away Keel a half dozen at a time.

The monster attempted to dispel the effects of levitation only to be countered by Hugo. The heroes pressed their advantage and continued the assault.

Desperate strikes and bites from the drider worried Bree not – until a tingle in her mind challenged her control. But the willful cleric fought the effects of the failed Hold Person. With nothing to take purchase of, the drider was stuck suspended above the small buildings with a flying Bree hammering away.

Finally, Bree flew up and over the horror and unleashed a devastating Thunderwave, blasting the spider creature and sending it hurling 20 feet down to the ground. No sooner did the drider drive deep into the ground, Geir was atop the beast with his spear – driving the point between its shoulder blades and pinning the lifeless creature to the ground.

With one hunter dispatched, the others retreated into the darkness, but not before stealing away many helpless Keel.

Swimming in the aftermath of the drider attack, with one red fiery eye looking up at Beel on the balcony above, Egg Red Stone erupted with anger. “This blood is on your hands!’ A spit of arcane fire shot from the red hot stone in the Keel’s eye and splashed on the facade of the building, feet from Beel’s perch.

The revolution had begun.


Reaches of Nalvros: Region – Oijij Badlands

Continuing in the series of unused Dungeon World prep, this week I’m serving up an entire region. Enter the Oijij Badlands.

Reaches of Nalvros Almanac
Region: Oijiji Badlands

Region – Oijij Badlands

Torrid, Bogs and Quagmires, Perilous, Evil


  • Twisted and ugly, unnatural landscape.
  • Never a solid piece of ground.
  • Shifting landmarks.
  • Spring: Stagnant air.
  • Summer: Steaming bogs.
  • Autumn: Muggy and soggy.
  • Winter: Rot-weed in full bloom.


Area – The Corpseway

Appearing every few hundred feet to those who penetrate the deepest parts of the swamp, decaying corpses and moss-covered skeletons of various shapes and sizes hang on braided vines from the trees. The freshest are dined upon by devil monkeys; those unfit for the screeching monkeys, scoured clean by buzzing clouds of swamp-flies.
: Monster – Devil Monkeys
: Hazard – Swamp Tar

Site – The Sisters of Ojiji

The strange and dark camp is home to the crones known as the Sisters of Ojiji. To ensure nothing is lost in the drifting of the night, everything is chained to a center point; a blind and broken swamp troll.
: Discovery – The Skin-Weavers
: Site – RumTum the chained troll

Site – The Creeping Garden

A lush and verdant oasis in the otherwise muted and twisted Ojii expanse. The thicket of dense vegetation, sweetly smelling flowers and supple fruited trees, never seems to appear in the same place twice. It follows.   

Area –  Kirotoki River

While foot travel on patchy land or through shallow water is possible, the furthest reaches of the Ojiji would be most swiftly reached via the river. Instead of a single course, this waterway offers a myriad of interconnected streams, channels, and kettle ponds. Negotiating these confusing waterways proves difficult without a map.

  • Why do locals from outside the Oijij shun travel on the River?
  • What here are indigenous creatures rumored to protect?
  • What is unusual about the insects of the Oijij?

: Hazard – Swamp Tar
: Site – Root Hollow
An enormous, moss-covered tree lies toppled across part of the Kirotoki
River. Faint animal tracks run to and from a dark opening amongst the roots at one end, on the other side of which is a damp, rocky burrow.

When you crawl into the Hollow, roll +nothing: on a 10+, You find something —roll 1d8 on the table below; on a 7-9, roll 1d12 on the table below.

1-2an animal skeleton, in repose
3a broken tool (spade, axe, etc.)
41d4 rations wrapped in an oilskin
5a tarnished bracelet, worth 1d6x10 coin
6a sealed bone tune holding a scroll
7-8a tunnel leading deeper
9-10a trap, natural or constructed
11-12a dangerous creature

Area – Black Baron’s Keep

A wicked keep of black stone, high spires, jagged crenelations and a gate that hangs open wide like a dog’s maw. Worse yet, the whole unseemly thing sways on four massive squat crab-like legs that muck through the Badlands at their own will.
: Monster – The Black Baron

Site – The Blue Marble

A half buried smooth yellow stone sphere; spider-webbed with veins of blue-silver metalloid. Moss and lichen creep up the bottom third of the sphere. If the proportions are consistent, the sphere would be several meters in circumference. On the upper third of the smooth stone, angled up towards the sky is a narrow (3×3) circular shaft that disappears into the center of the stone. Even in the midday sun, the sphere is cold to the touch.
: Treasure – Crystal spike
: Treasure – Blue-silver rod


Hazard – Swamp Tar

A viscous, dark ooze covers the trees and ground in some areas, possibly
indicating an infection from some dark Source.

When you come into bare-skin contact with swamp tar, it burns you; you will suffer 1 point of damage every few moments until you find some way to remove the glue-like substance.

Monster – Devil Monkey

Horde, Small, Intelligent, Organized, Devious, Planar
Hurled object 1d4 (reach, near); 3 HP; 0 Armor
Vulnerable to cold

On one of the planes of fire grows a tree; that tree bears flaming fruit; and that fruit, when consumed, inexplicably transports the eater to the hottest climes of the mundane world. Such was the means of arrival of this rapidly-multiplying species of diminutive, impish primates.
Instinct: To find a way home, wreaking havoc along the way

  • Chatter mockingly from the treetops
  • Hurl flaming feces
  • Reveal much greater numbers than anticipated

Treasure: Scavenged gold jewelry; burning gall bladder (magical ingredient)

Monster – The Black Baron

Solitary, Magical, Hoarder, Ruthless
Necrotic Ray (1d10+1 ignores armor); 12HP; 1 Armor
Close, Near
Immune to poison, possessed by a Bog Mote.

The wicked Bog Mote who inhabits the Baron’s brain did not turn him a foul man; the Baron has forever been a foul man. The poisonous sprite that controls him only sought to exploit the Baron’s resources.

  • Wield terrible magic
  • Move the Keep
  • Command the Swamp
  • Hack up sticky black ichor

Treasure: The wealth of a kingdom hidden within the Keep.

Monster – Bog Mote

Solitary, Tiny, Planar, Flying
Stink aura (1d4 ignores armor); 6HP; 0 Armor
Immune to poison

This small floating ball of brown spores darts quickly between hosts; hiding in the swampy waters if necessary.

  • Dart to and fro
  • Hide in the swamp
  • Fly up your nose
  • Burrow into your brain
  • Take control


The Blue Marble

A half buried smooth yellow stone sphere; spidered webbed with veins of  blue-silver metalloid. Moss and lichen creep up the bottom third of the sphere. If the proportions are consistent, the sphere would be several meters in circumference. On the upper third of the smooth stone, angled up towards the sky is a narrow (3×3) circular shaft that disappears into the center of the stone.  Even in the midday sun, the sphere is cold to the touch.

The unquiet Undead [] [] [] []
Poison/disease [] [] [] []
Noble sacrifice [] [] [] []

Common Areas

[] A pit/shaft/chasam
[] A smooth bored cylindrical hall
[] Rouge hewed natural walls
[] A crack in the wall
[] A large circular room supported by a huge column
[] Niches/ alcoves

Unique Areas

[] A tunnel illuminated with glowing fungus
[] A tinkerer’s workshop
[] An underwater stream
[] A large circular room with a huge collapsed column
[] A hidden crystalline chamber

Discovery Seeds

[] A pile of bones and trash
[] A goblin survivor, looking for a way out
[] A huge white androgynous humanoid, tending to his work
[] Cilia-like glowing fungus, moving without a breeze.
[] A room full of moldering undead goblins
[] A swarm of tiny blue motes lead the way
[] A valuable mineral/metal
[] Signs of a battle
[] A magical/alien item

Danger Seeds

[] A pit trap
[] Large mechanical beetles (16) scoured the tunnels
[] A fungaloid lord soaking strands of glowing fungus in the water
[] A room collapse

Ladders in the Dark

In a recent 5e game, the adventures followed an opening in mine shaft into a subterranean mushroom forest; an underground ravine filled with massive mushrooms and curious, gnome-sized, wide-eyed, cave-dwelling onlookers. The party set forth down a winding tunnel, deeper into the earth. After encountering a venerated myconid lordling and ingesting oodles of spores – the heroes came to a half-sized temple to the fungal hive. Oh yeah, on account of the spores, the party could now read one another’s thoughts and empathize with the surrounding fungi.

Exploring the pint-sized temple provided some additional opportunities for mushroom talk and sharing ugly truths between the group. Eventually, they found a tiny ladder that lead down, further still.

Hanging down into the dark void, the child-sized ladder bent back and forth on itself, like a fire escape. It was the only path to discover the answers to the questions they sought. Faced with the prospect of descending a wee-bitty ladder that hung suspended in the darkness thousands of feet above god-knows-what, it felt like the perfect opportunity to make a mini game mechanic.    G

Roll20 play space for The Descent
Left: cutaway view of the cavern. Right: ladder mini-game

 The Descent

The tiny stairs hand down and into stretch far into the darkness. The structure sways with a gentle rhythm and creeks in protest as you step on to the grate.

  • There are six ‘zones’ on the stairs, 1 at being the highest point and 6 being the lowest point.
  • Each zone is made up of 5 squares, roughly 50ft each.
  • The consequence of falling off the stairs at each zone is listed below.
1 & 220d6 dmg when you hit the rocks.
3 & 4 DC10 acrobatics save to angle towards the water.
– on a save, 10d6 dmg and in the water.
– on a fail, 20d6 dmg and on the rocks.
5DC15 acrobatics save to angle towards the water.
– on a save, 10d6 dmg and in the water.
– on a fail, 20d6 dmg and on the rocks.
6It’s too short a fall to angle towards the water.
20d6 dmg, minus 5 dice for each square below the
highest square in zone 6. Reduced to a minimum
of 5d6.

Movement on the stairs is as followed:

Out of Combat

Spend roughly 1 minute traversing the stairs to move between zones.

In Combat

Spend a full Move action, advancing a square up or down.

If all you do on your turn is Move and Dash – move 2 squares. Then you may opt to make a DC12 Athletics/Acrobatics check to recklessly move down the stairs.

On a success, move 1 additional space. On a critical success, move 2 additional spaces.

If you fail by 5 or more, you stumble and fall prone on the stairs, reducing how much ground you can cover on a future turn. On a critical fail, you lose your footing and make a DC12 DEX save to avoid falling off the stairs.

The Fall

If you do fall from the ladder, see below.

While in free fall, you descend at a rage of 10 boxes per round. While falling, if you run out of boxes to advance before the end of your turn, you hit the ground. Consult the results of the previous table for damage.

While falling, on your turn, as a bonus action you must attempt a concentrate check , DC10 CON save, before attempting any action (spell, skill/ability check, etc.) that could stop your fall.

The base difficulty for stopping your fall is DC15, modified +/- by the situation.

Notes from Play

After our session, I made a little tweak that I hope will make this mechanic feel more crisp in future play. Originally each square was roughly 100ft of stairs – I reduced this to 50ft of stairs per square. The scale of the stairs did not affect the climb/fall mechanic because we were dealing with counting squares, not feet, but it did have an adverse effect when I layered in a combat on the stairs. This reduction has two primary purposes: reducing the number of rounds a falling character has before they hit the ground and improving ranged combat.

The party encountered a drider, who had been stalking them, on the stairs. It opened with dispelling the levitation the wizard was using to scale down the side of the ladder. The wizard began to fall. Not a bad dramatic opener.

From its inception, I had intended to treat each ‘rung’ on the ladder as a range of engagement for combat. If a character and an enemy shared the same rung (e.g. the 3rd square of zone 2), they were effectively close enough to one another on these twisting stairs to engage. I was OK with hand waving some of the combat movement details for the sake of pacing and excitement.

What ended up happening was the 100ft squares proved to be too much space for combat. Too few spells had ranges that could realistically cover the 200ft+ gap of 2 or squares. Aside from that dispel magic opener and a few long bow vollies, most of the actions taken between players and drider were movement.

At a point early on, the players decided this was a fight they did not want to undertake on such perilous grounds and they began their retreat. Because of the 100ft squares, it did not take long for the characters to be outpacing all ranged threats – and the drider broke off pursuit. Reducing the scale from 100ft to 50ft per should make future encounters feel more harrowing.

And the wizard, who chose to free fall until nearly the last moment, before concentrating and casting levitate (awesome) – would have had to resolve his fall in 3 turns instead of 6. And I’m all about reducing protracted combat.

What sorts of hyper-situational mechanics / moves have you been tinkering with?