Reaches of Nalvros: Ants in the Pants

In last week’s post, My Dirty Secret, I made mention of some prep from an old Dungeon World game that had gone dormant. In an effort to not completely waste the effort, why not dust off the work and give it new life.

The notes process, taken from Perilous Wilds, nest discoveries, dangers and sites under respective regions with the almanac. The regions tend to come into better focus as more points of interest are added. As this sharing process continues, I’ll bounce around from region to region sharing the things I’m most interested in at the time. Over time the various regions will become more defined.

This week, we start in the Gorecrow Gap, a stretch of clear-cut wood southeast of the walled city of Ironwood. The trees of the Gap grow to tremendous size and hardness – providing both a source of valuable ironwood lumber to nearby civilizations and roots for the murderous gorecrow.

Region – The Gorecrow Gap

Temperate, Repopulating Timber Lands, Perilous, Neutral

  • Dense trees are refilling the gap
  • Exquisitely tall Ironwood
  • Things go bump in the night
  • Spring: Color returns to the Ironwood
  • Summer: The nests come alive
  • Autumn: Harvest of the Ironwood Pods
  • Winter: Ironwood turns a dull white

Site – The Nest

A subtle but consequential rise in the dusty earth gives hint to the frenetic activity that lurks below. A very active, giant ant colony.


  • Subterranean cloying heat.
  • Irrationally deliberate tunnels and passages.
  • The ceaseless thrumming chatter of a thousand minds work as one.

: Danger – Goliath Ant Drone
: Danger – Goliath Ant Queen
: Hazard – Subterranean Maze
: Treasure – Goliath Ant Queen Pupa

Danger- Goliath Ant Drone

Horde, Large, Blind
Mandibles (d6 damage); 6 HP
Hand, Close

These huge, blind, subterranean insects build elaborate tunnel systems that sprawl throughout the Gap. Something has agitated the colonies.
Instinct: To serve the queen

  • Excavate earth
  • Leave a scent trail
  • Swarm

Danger- Goliath Ant Queen

Individual, Huge, Immobile, Blind
Mandibles (d4 damage); 10 HP; Armor 1

A living factory. This behemoth matriarch, designed for breeding, can hardly defend herself. But do not think for a moment that makes her any less dangerous; she is mother to an entire army.
Instinct: To spawn.

  • Birth larva
  • Rally soldiers
  • Throw weight around

Hazard – Subterranean Maze

The seemly chaotic network of tunnels, caverns and chambers is anything but chaotic for the ants. You, however, are no ant.

When you navigate the labyrinth of the Goliath Ant Colony, Roll + INT. On a 10+ You get hopelessly lost and find — roll d8 on the table below; on a 7-9, roll d12.

1-2A lone drone
3The nursery
4An unexpected exit
5The larder (+2d6 rations)
6The Queen’s chamber
7-8A swarm of Goliath Ant Drones
9-10Am abandoned tunnel, leading deeper
11A gnome poacher
12What the ants fear most

Treasure – Goliath Ant Queen Pupa

A soft and milky white fetal creature the size of a horse. For now.
A future Goliath Ant Queen, still impressionable. When you separate the future queen from her colony and raise the Queen as your own, Roll + WIS. On a 10+ a new master — choose 3 from the list below; on a 7-9, choose 1.

  • The colony serves you implicitly.
  • The colony takes root in a place of your choosing.
  • The colony matures quickly.
  • The colony does not attract undue attention.
  • The colony does not damage surrounding valuables.  
  • The colony has a taste for the exotic.

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